Flower Purse

Congratulations Crochet Addicted!! Hey guys! This flower purse has been done for a while now, 1 month I believe. But I had to wait to upload it because it’s a gift for a very nice Facebook group “Crochet Addicted”. They have a 24-h give away because they now have – grab something – 150000 MEMBERS! Read More


Dishcloth #3 Flower Stitch

Dishcloth Flower Stitch Hey guys! I’m not sure about the trends in USA or other countries, but here in Denmark, crocheted dishcloths are very popular! Mostly because they are pretty and very eco-friendly. In Denmark, you usually buy dishcloth in some kind of polyester something for no money at all. The problem with the, (other Read More


Crochet Doll with Hats

Crochet Doll with Hats This post may contain affiliate links, view  disclosure policy for details Hey guys. I know the patterns doesn’t come as fast as in the beginning. There’s a lot of reasons (none that good). Firstly I studying to become a Biotechnology Engineer and as you can imagine that can take up quite a Read More


Crochet Handtowel Griddlestitch

Crochet Handtowel Griddlestitch You can buy an add-free, printer-friendly version for ONLY 2$ here Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do a crocheted hand towel like this one since christmas! I saw this beautiful towel at my best friend’s mom’s house. See is an awesome crocheter and has been my inspiration many times! I wanted Read More


Small Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

Small Pillow – Free Crochet pattern This post may contain affiliate links, view  disclosure policy for details It’s been a long time since I crocheted these pillows. Long before I had a blog and wrote down my patterns. I just crocheted by hand and mind. But then I decided it would be fun to have this Read More

Feature super done2

Dishcloth #2 – Diamond Stitch

This post may contain affiliate links, view  disclosure policy for details Diamond Stitch Dishcloth Hello and welcome to #2 in my dishcloth series. This time featuring the diamond stitch. I’m researching stitches for a up-and-coming crochet bag, and this was one of the competitors. I’m probably not gonna use this stitch for my bag, it has Read More


Dishcloth #1 – Griddle Stitch

This post may contain affiliate links, view  disclosure policy for details  Dishcloth # 1 – The griddle stitch Hello and welcome to the first of my dishcloth series. Dishcloths are great! Well great in the sense of crocheting anyways. You can always use new dishcloths and they are a GREAT way to learn a new stitch Read More


Crochet Hook Case

Crochet hook case pattern This post may contain affiliate links, view  disclosure policy for details Hello. I’m terrible at keeping my crafts supplies in order. There’s yarn. needles and scissors everywhere. But not hooks!! I’ve crocheted my own crochet hook case, and I’m quite happy with the way it turn out. Check it out: Lovely isn’t Read More

Tapestry crochet potholder

Tapestry Crochet Potholder – 8bit SuperMario – Free Pattern

Tapestry Crochet Potholder Have you ever tried tapestry crocheting a potholder? If not, then now is definitely the time! It’s super easy and so much fun! Tapestry crochet is kind of like fair isle knitting, except the pattern is identical on BOTH sides. So perfect for potholders. The technique for tapestry crochet is fairly easy, Read More