Flower Purse

Congratulations Crochet Addicted!! Hey guys! This flower purse has been done for a while now, 1 month I believe. But I had to wait to upload it because it’s a gift for a very nice Facebook group “Crochet Addicted”. They have a 24-h give away because they now have – grab something – 150000 MEMBERS! Read More


Dishcloth #3 Flower Stitch

Dishcloth Flower Stitch Hey guys! I’m not sure about the trends in USA or other countries, but here in Denmark, crocheted dishcloths are very popular! Mostly because they are pretty and very eco-friendly. In Denmark, you usually buy dishcloth in some kind of polyester something for no money at all. The problem with the, (other Read More

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Dishcloth #2 – Diamond Stitch

This post may contain affiliate links, view  disclosure policy for details Diamond Stitch Dishcloth Hello and welcome to #2 in my dishcloth series. This time featuring the diamond stitch. I’m researching stitches for a up-and-coming crochet bag, and this was one of the competitors. I’m probably not gonna use this stitch for my bag, it has Read More

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Crochet Openshell Tutorial

Learn to crochet Openshell pattern One of the things I’ve struggled with the most is to read those old crochet charts. You know, the ones with weird symbols and no text at all! But fortunately if you’ve learned to make one, you learned them all. They pretty much follow the same principles. I will try Read More