Small Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

Small pillow free crochet pattern

Small Pillow – Free Crochet pattern

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It’s been a long time since I crocheted these pillows. Long before I had a blog and wrote down my patterns. I just crocheted by hand and mind. But then I decided it would be fun to have this website and my first pattern was my square pillow. And I got a lot of compliments on it – which I am so grateful for.
The problem was, my small pillow was also on the picture and a lot of people requested that pattern too.

It actually takes a lot of time to count a pattern from a finished word rather than writing it down while you crochet. But with all the love I couldn’t just not do it!
Anyway! I did it, I counted the pattern out!

It’s approximately 30cm x 30 cm (11.8 in x 11.8 in) but it’s flexible so half a cm or so will not make a difference.

You need two crochet skills to do this pattern:

  • Single crochet (US term) Double crochet (UK term)
  • Popcorn stitch

The popcorn stitch look amazing and is relatively easy. I learned it by googling it in 5 minutes. This is practically it (but if you are new to it, google it anyway)

Popcorn stitch

The pillow is only crocheted in front, the back is pure wool fabric sewed on.
It’s two pieces with snap buttons. This makes it easy to take the pillow out to wash.

Square pillow
This picture is from the big pillow but it’s the same thing you do – just smaller!


100 % wool yarn, with 50 gr = 90-100 meters (98-109 yd)
– 3 skeins
Like this one here: Loveknittings Bergere de France Berlaine
100 % wool fabric
Snap buttons
Sewing thread in matching colour
Crochet hook size 4 mm (size 8 in UK, size G or 6 in US)

The pillow is crocheted in rows an each row is ended with a chain (for turning, basic crochet)

All the popcornstitches are crocheted from the wrong side.

Small pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

Sc – Single crochet (US term)
Pc – popcornstitch

When the pattern says X popcorn stitches there is one single crochet in between each popcorn stitch.

Chain 59
Row 1-14 sc in each
Row 15: 29 sc, 1 pc, 29 sc
Row 16: sc in each
Row 17: 28 sc, 2 pc, 28 sc
Row 18: Sc in each
Row 19: 27 sc, 3 pc, 27 sc
Row 20: Sc in each
Row 21: 26 sc, 4 pc, 26 sc
Row 22: Sc in each
Row 23: 25 sc, 5 pc, 25 sc
Row 24: Sc in each
Row 25: 24 sc, 6 pc, 24 sc
Row 26: Sc in each
Row 27: 23 sc, 7 pc, 23 sc
Row 28: Sc in each
Row 29: 22 sc, 8 pc, 22 sc
Row 30: Sc in each
Row 31: 21 sc, 9 pc, 21 sc
Row 32: Sc in each
Row 33: 20 sc, 10 pc, 20 sc
Row 34: Sc in each
Row 35: 19 sc, 11 pc, 19 sc

Row 36: Sc in each
Row 37: 20 sc, 10 pc, 20 sc
Row 38: Sc in each
Row 39: 21 sc, 9 pc, 21 sc
Row 40: Sc in each
Row 41: 22 sc, 8 pc, 22 sc
Row 42: Sc in each
Row 43: 23 sc, 7 pc, 23 sc
Row 44: Sc in each
Row 45: 24 sc, 6 pc, 24 sc
Row 46: Sc in each
Row 47: 25 sc, 5 pc, 25 sc
Row 48: Sc in each
Row 49: 26 sc, 4 pc, 26 sc
Row 50: Sc in each
Row 51: 27 sc, 3 pc, 27 sc
Row 52: Sc in each
Row 53: 28 sc, 2 pc, 28 sc
Row 54: Sc in each
Row 55: 29 sc, 1 pc, 29 sc
Row 56-69: Sc in each
Fasten off


Sewing the pillow:

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 22 cm x 32 cm
  2. Make a cuff on both pieces measuring 2 cm. (On the long side)
  3. Overlap the two cuff and sew in the sides
  4. Attach the snap buttons
  5. Lay the 2 sides (crochet and fabric) right side to right side an sew them together in the sides.
  6. Turn the work outside in and the pillowcase is done!

If you like this pattern, here’s the pattern for the big pillow: Square pillow

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/Love Sara

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