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Making money on a blog

Join my adventure as a blogger

Hey guys!

Have you ever read those success stories “How I made 5000$ a month blogging”? I sure have. And then you start dreaming. How wonderful it would be to make that much money from your own home.
But then you think to your self; “I could never do that, I don’t have an internet-degree” or “yeah but that takes 12 hours a day and 5 years to make that kind of money”. Well maybe, I don’t know. And that’s what this post is going to be about.

All those articles from people making money come then they already are making money. They succeed and then they tell people that they did. I’m going to do this from a different perspective.

I have NO idea if I’m going to succeed (although It’s looking good). I’m not about to quit my job and go full-time-blogging. I’m starting from the beginning, and I’m going to tell how I’m proceeding.

I can tell this much: I made money in the first month! Enough for a nice dinner out.

There will probably be a lot of professional money-making bloggers that will think “well that’s just stupid, that will never make you any money”. But that’s the point I’m just a normal person doing my best to try making money on a blog. As you will be if you also start your blog! I have no computer knowledge other than what I have learned growing up with computers and using them for school, emails ect. Maybe I’m better at computers than some, but I’m certainly not as good as a lot of people!

So I’m going to tell you what I did, it may not be the best way, but it’s how I did it.

Starting the blog – I started on february 4th 2017

The basics:

For making money on a blog you need a website. Websites doesn’t just appear, you have to make them and it’s actually not that hard.
The thing is, you need to buy a “place” for it. Like renting an apartment for you, you need to rent space on a server (at least a think it’s called a server) for your website. This is called web-hosting (I think – it’s not important to know all the technical slang).
This can be done in two ways: Free and not-free!

Obviously my first thought was “yay free stuff”!! But then I started thinking about my own habits. Do I visit sites that have their own name more or sites that hasn’t. Example: or Well obviously the last one. And unfortunately that cost money since you have to buy that “name” also know as domain.

I almost thought, “well that’s not going to happen”!

But then I started looking up the prices and found a place called Bluehost. As I gather it’s one of the most popular places to rent place for your website and buy a domain. This means they can keep the prices quite low.  Click on this link to go to BlueHost: Bluehost Web Hosting

The “big” investment”: 90 $ prepaid for 1 year. That’s what I paid.

Yeah it’s a lot of money but I thought about it this way:
1. It seems like a lot of money because it’s all at once, but it’s only 7.5$ a month
2.  Maybe, just maybe, I can make the money back.
3. And I will treat it as a hobby. (And I most certainly use more than that on yarn in a year)
4. If I fail, it’s “only” 90$, it’s not a terrible amount of money to lose.

So I did it. And I was super excited!!
In this step you obviously have to choose you website name. You can choose whatever you want as long as nobody else is using that name (Bluehost will tell you if the name is already used)
I chose my name because my all-time favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. I’ve also named my bunny Lord Cheshire (nicknamed Chester) after The Cheshire Cat.


Then what?

Well then I followed the tips and help Bluehost gave me!
What you want to do is install WordPress. This is the “website builder software” you use to make your website. At first it was a bit overwhelming but from google and just clicking around I managed to learn how it worked. At first you install a “theme” and then you customize it, don’t worry you don’t need to write code or anything. I’m still in progress of this, everything I think about something that could be neat – like having a menu in top that says “Crochet patterns” I click around in WordPress and google a bit until I figure it out. actually it’s quite funny. I built most of my website on trial-and-error.

Don’t be afraid to do anything wrong, you can always change things when you find a better way to do it.

I had my first crochet pattern up the day after I made the website – this can probably be done faster and for some it will maybe take longer, but that doesn’t matter in the long run.


Traffic is whats it’s called when people visit your website. The first day I had 8 visitors! I have no idea how they found my website since I didn’t have anything on it. But there they were! And I was so proud!

From february  4th-10th I had between 1 to 12 visitors pr day. Not a lot but it was people none the less.
Then I thought to my self – who would read free crochet patterns. Well crocheters obviously! And I needing to find them. And were better to find groups of people who have the same interest than Facebook? So I joined a Facebook crochet group
(Keep in mind when you search for them that there is a difference between groups and sites. In groups you can post, on sites you can’t – if the post are written by different people it’s a group, if the post are from the same name as the site, it’s a site)

So I posted a picture of my finished crochet piece and a link to the pattern on my site. And hold your hats: that day I had 196 people visiting! So that was a great idea! I’ve made it a habit to do this every time I finish a pattern now.

Then I thought of some thing. I usually look for crochet patterns on Pinterest! So I pinned my own patterns there. But the trouble was, I only had 23 followers, and all of them was my friends. That’s not a lot of people. Then I came across a community board. This is a board were different people can pin. And they almost always have a LOT of followers. Like 60 K followers! That was my goldmine!! A lot of the community boards have a instruction on how to join them in the description. You usually has to follow the board and write them an email. Depending on the board they take about a week to accept you (if they want to). I think I sent about 15 mails and 8 boards accepted me in a couple of weeks. And by the end of february I’ve had 4750 people on my website!

I also made my own Facebook page (like a fan site) and a newsletter thingy – I use MailChimp – they are free for up to 2000 subscribers (I currently have 27 subscribers) and they guide you trough how to add the sign up form on your website.

 Making money on a Blog

Here’s what you have been waiting for – how to make money!
I’ve found two ways (there may be more, but if there is I don’t know them):

1. Ads
2. Affiliate programs

1. Ads

This works like this: You rent out space on your website for companies to advertisements. This is probably the most difficult thing I did here – just as a warning.

Firstly you need to find an advertising firm (so you don’t have to seek out the advertisers your self). I use Google’s Adsense. They don’t just allow you advertise out the blue. There is some rules you need to follow to be accepted. As I gather there is a 6-month rule in some countries, but I don’t know anything about that since it doesn’t apply in Denmark. I got accepted on day 16 of my blog.

Some of the rules:

You need to have sufficient content on your website. They won’t accept you if you haven’t written anything. I don’t know what their threshold is but I think it’s real people who look at your page and judge it. I think I had about 7 patters at the time (I know this is a lot for 16 days, but they were old projects so I didn’t have to make them, I just had to take pictures and write them down).

You need to have a cookie policy. This is that annoying pop-up thingy that tells your readers that you use cookies. You don’t necessarily have to know what they are, you just need to tell people that you use them (which is all automatic). I googled how to do it on WordPress – it’s a plugin)

You need to have an About Me site. This site specify your cookie policy, tells people about your self and if you have any affiliates (more on that later). You can “copy” mine if you want to. You just need to modify it so it fits your info:

And the difficult one: When you apply you get a coding text you need to put in to your website. I used some time on google to find out how to do it. Eventually I put it in a file called header.php in my WordPress (I found it in appearance -> editor). But I’m not sure all the themes look the same in the WordPress. When I did it, I had no idea if it was correct. So I just hoped and waited. I think it was about 5 days Google wrote me a “Congratulations” email, so it was apparently right. If this step seems impossible, don’t give up! Just keep googling how to do it and try! You’ll be SO happy when the mail comes!

There may be other rules, but if there are I unintentionally followed them.

When you get accepted into the program you get an account on their Adsense (this is linked to your google account). And then you can put in the ads! Google give you some code and this needs to be copied to you site. This is also coding text but a lot easier that the first one. When I write a post I can toggle between visual and text in the top right corner of the writing area. Then I just paste the ad code into the text and google does the rest. The ads will be blank before you post them, but don’t worry, when you publish you post they will be actual ads (The very first one can take a couple of hours before not being blank)

And that’s it, now you will get money from Google depending on how many people see the ads and how many people click the ads.
I made 7 $ in february (not a whole month since I got accepted on the 20th) YAY!
Although you need to have made 100$ to get paid. But then again, you have a whole year to make back the investment. (I can see now, that’s not a problem I’m actually almost there as I write this (March 11th)

2. Affiliate Programs

This is the fun one in my opinion! Companies give you a commission when you refer people to their products and they buy it!
The commission vary greatly from company to company. I know there is some affiliate programs who has a lot of different companies in them like Amazons program, but I only use single-company-affilates. And I’m only up to two programs right now. Loveknitting and Bluehost. It’s a principle for me that if I link to a product for my readers I actually use it myself and therefore can recommend them!

It’s easy to apply. You just google, as an example, “Loveknitting affiliate program” and then follow the websites directions. Then you get custom links for your website, so that Loveknitting knows it’s you who refered the buyer and put them in your posts. I made 27 $ from Loveknitting in february!! YAY!!

So, so far, in the first month, I made 35 $. I think that’s a great start!

I will keep you updated on my progress every month as well as what I have done right and wrong.

If you want to start your own blogging adventure like me, I highly reccomend that you start here: Bluehost Web Hosting

You can follow me on Pinterest and/or Facebook by clicking here:

/Love Sara

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