Dishcloth #1 – Griddle Stitch

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 Dishcloth # 1 – The griddle stitch

Hello and welcome to the first of my dishcloth series.

Dishcloths are great! Well great in the sense of crocheting anyways. You can always use new dishcloths and they are a GREAT way to learn a new stitch quick!

Everytime I need to learn a new stitch I crochet a dishcloths. And this time it’s the griddle stitch turn.

First time I saw the griddle stitch was at my friends mothers. She crocheted this great hand towel (I will try to duplicate it at some time) and I fell in love. So I knew I needed to learn it, hence the dishcloth.

Fun fact: In Danish this stitch is called grums. That translate to murky (like murky or cloudy water), and nobody know why because it’s a lovely and delicate stitch.

The finished cloth:

Griddle stitch dishcloth

Great isn’t it?

Griddle stitch dishcloth pattern

The griddle stitch is incredible easy to crochet

You’ll need:

1 skein cotton in your favorite color, I used this one: Loveknittings MillaMia

3 mm crochet hook (Size 10 in UK)

Stitches and abbreviations:

Sc – Singlecrochet (US term – Doublecrochet UK term)
Dc – Doublecrochet (US term – Treblecrochet UK term)

Griddle stitch pattern:

You’ll need an even number of stitches in your chain + one for turning.
I started with 50 + 1 and my dishcloth is 20 cm x 20 cm (7.9 in x 7.9 in)

First row:

Start in second stitch from hook: *Sc, Dc*       repeat * . . . *

That’s it. Every other stitch is a singlecrochet, every other is a doublecrochet.

You start with a sc and end with a dc every time, that way you will sc in the dc under and vice versa.

Griddle stitch dishcloth

Remember to chain one for turning at the end of each row.

Hope you liked the first dishcloth design and I would love it if you would share it with your friend on Pinterest or Facebook.

/Love Sara

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