Crochet i-cord Tutorial

crochet i-cord tutorial

Crochet i-cord Tutorial

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Have you ever heard of the i-cord? No? Neither had I until a few weeks ago. And know I wish I had learned it years ago! Every time I needed to crochet a cord for a project I always chained 3 and crochet in spirals up. But never again!

This technique is sooo much prettier! And it’s a lot easier (well at least when you get the hang of it)

It takes some getting-used-to since it’s a bit different from how you usually crochet, but once you’ve done a few “rounds” it’s easy enough.

The start

You can use whatever yarn and appropiate hook size you want:

The starting “row”:

Crochet i-cord tutorial

Sorry about the blurry quality of the second picture, hope you get the idea anyway! You can obviuosly start with how many chains you want. Depends on how wide you want it.

Row 1

Well technically it the only row, since you will just repeat this for as lon as you want the cord.

Crochet i-cord tutorial

(You can use a stitch holder if you like so the stitches doesn’t unravel, this will make the work take longer time, but you are sure you wont loose the stitches)

crochet i-cord tutorial

And now you have 3 loops on your hook again and can start over from the first picture. The only kind-of-tricky part of the i-cord is to not loose those loops that are hanging free. If you don’t hold on to them with your thumb, it’s easy to pull in the yarn to make them unravel. But don’t worry, you can pick them up again, and it’s so fast to crochet that it doens’t matter that you unravel a row or two by mistake.

Also, after the first 10-20 row you will look at the cord and think “this doesnt look right, I must have made a mistake”. Don’t stop! It looks kind of funny in the beginning, but this will change when it’s long enough and you pull a bit in the cord – the stitches will aleign themselves.


When you have reached the desired length you need to finish. I do it like this:

crochet i-cord tutorial

crochet i-cord tutorial


And that’s it! You can use the cord for whatever you want – baghandles, shoelaces ect. I used mine to make lovely letters with some wire I bought in a craft shop:


crochet i-cord tutorial
Just push the wire all the way trough the cord.


Hope you like it!

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/Love Sara

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