Crochet Handtowel Griddlestitch

Crochet handtowel griddlestitch

Crochet Handtowel Griddlestitch

Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to do a crocheted hand towel like this one since christmas! I saw this beautiful towel at my best friend’s mom’s house. See is an awesome crocheter and has been my inspiration many times!

I wanted do it in a cloth-like texture. You now, not so much rows and stitches but more like a piece of fabric. So after a lot of dishcloths and researching I found the griddlestitch. Great stitch and soooo easy to do once you get into the rhythm! And easy means you can watch a movie and drink a glass of wine while you crochet. My favourite kind of patterns.

I made a detailed instruction on the griddlestitch in my dishcloth here

You need to make starting chain of 80 + 1. This, along with a crochet hook size 3 mm makes the handtowel 30 cm wide. Crochet approx. 5-6 cm griddlestitch before you start the mesh.

I used a 100 % cotton yarn. For hand towels you absolutely need to use cotton and very important: GOOD QUALITY. I’m not just saying this. I have used those 1$ a skein for a lot of things. But do yourself a favor and buy some good quality for hand towels. First of all you’ll need the cotton to be able so absorb water (what’s the point of a towel if it can’t get you dry)
Second, I wash my towels pretty often since they are constantly wet and they hang in the bathroom, that’s a great home for bacteria. So the first towel I made (in cheap yarn) lasted about 1 month before it began to look terrible!  And that’s such a pity when you are proud of something homemade.

I used this yarn, because it’s a great quality and you can buy it in value packs: Loveknitting 10-ball value pack

I used 2 skeins gray and a leftover bit of white for this.

The mesh

I knew I wanted some kind of mesh to break up the pattern. This part of the towel is terrible for drying your hands, but who cares it’s so pretty! And by putting it at the bottom it makes a useable towel anyway. I already had a base length to my towel (80 stitches) so I knew it had to be divideable with that.

The mesh pattern. It is actually only 5 rows so it works up quickly

Row 1: Chain 3, Dc in next 2 stitches, [Chain 6, skip 4 stitches, 3 dc in next 3 stitches] X  11 times – turn
Row 2: Chain 8, 3 dc around first chain, [Chain 6, 3 Dc around next chain] X 10 times, chain 3, 1 doubletreblecrochet in last stitch – turn
Row 3: Chain 3, 2 dc around first chain, [ Chain 6 , 3 sc around next chain] X 11 times – turn
Row 4: Chain 3, 3 dc around first chain, [Chain 6, 3 dc around next chain] X 10 times, chain 3, 1 doubletreblecrochet in last stitch – turn
Row 5: Chain 3, 2 dc around first chain, [ Chain 6 , 3 sc around next chain] X 11 times

Crochet handtowel griddlestitch

Finishing the towel

You’ll need to match up to last griddlestitch row before the mesh to the first after. This is done by crochet 1 stitch in each dc stitch under it and 4 stitches in each chain (remember to alternate between sc and dc as in the griddlestitch tutorial). This makes 80 stitches again and you are ready to keep up crocheting ’till you are finished.

The size

Almost all towels are in the ratio 1:1.75 or 1:2 (just means pr. 1 cm width, you crochet 1.75/2 cm long)
I chose 1:75 so if my starting chain with the 80 stitches made 30 cm it has to be 50 cm long.

At the second to last row I chained 8 (and skipped 8 stitches) for the… What on earth are those called in english? Hanging hooks? You know the loop made for hanging the towel on a hook. Anyway….
And in the last row I just crocheted  8 stitches around the chain.

And that’s it, hope you liked it! Have fun!

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4 thoughts on “Crochet Handtowel Griddlestitch

    • Sara says:

      Sorry if that’s unclear. There is a sentence in the post that says:
      “I made a detailed instruction on the griddlestitch in my dishcloth here”
      If you click on the word “here” it will take you to a tutorial of the stitch.

      I startet the towel with 80 chains (+1 for turning) and stopped crocheting when the towel was 50 cm long 🙂
      Hope that makes it clearer.

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