Crochet Handbag Free Pattern

Free crochet bag pattern
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Crochet your own modern handbag

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Hello dear crocheters! This is a very quick and easy bag since I used bulky t-shirt yarn. Seriously, I can make this bag faster than a dishcloth!

For the handles and lining I used an old bag I’ve had for years, just molding away in the closet. Most women has quite a few of them right?

If you don’t have one (then I’m envying your organising skills) you can of course just make your own handles and lining. Or you could thrift a bag at the second-hand store. They are often very cheap.

The yarn

T-shirt yarn, zpaghetti yarn, fabric yarn, dear child has many names. I highly recommend this kind of yarn. It opens up a hole new world of stuff to make, I’ve made breadbaskets, bunnybeds (I have a bunny named Chester) ect. Plus it’s very fast since it’s so huge! It is a bit different to crochet with since it’s elastic, you don’t buy in yardage, you buy it in weight for the same reason.
I used about 600 grams and got it from here: Loveknitting Hoooked Zpaghetti
But the stitches is the same, just bigger!

You’ll also need a bigger hook, I used a size 10 mm (UK – 000 US – N/15)
These hooks aren’t always as easy to buy but you can get them here: Loveknitting Pony Plastic Crochet Hook

The bottom

I crocheted in a flat oval form for the base.

Crochet handbag free pattern

Crocheting an oval is quite easy when you get the trick down.
It all comes down to the number pi 3.14. When crocheting a circle you should always increase with 6 pr. round (well technically it’s 6.28 but that’s just impractical) When crocheting an oval you do exactly the same, just with 3 in each end.

Written pattern for base:

Chain 20
Row 1:
Chain 1 more and single crochet in second chain from hook (This “counts as 2 stitches in same chain)
Sc in the next 18 chains
3 x sc in next chain (the first chain on the base chain)
Now you rotate and crochet along the other side of the base chain
Sc in the next 19 chains

(Some crocheters slip stitch to the next round, but I always crochet in spirals. That way I don’t get a seam)

Now you have 3 stitches in each end chain and 18 sc down both sides.
And 2 out of the 3 in front of you and 1 behind.

Row 2:

2 sc in the next 2 stitches
Sc in each the next 18 stitches
2 sc in the next 3 stitches
Sc in each the next 18 stitches
2 sc in the last stitch.

Now you have increased to 6 stitches in your ends with 4 in front of you and 2 behind you.

Row 3

Sc in first stitch
2 sc in next stitch
Sc in next stitch
2 sc in next stitch (This is increasing in every other end stitch)
Sc in next 18 stitches
(Sc, 2 sc) x 3 (This is increasing in every other end stitch)
Sc in next 18 stitches
And now you have the last 2 end stitches left. Sc in the first, 2 sc in the last.

I hope this makes sense, I’ve tried to make it as logical as possible. If not, there are some great tutorials online!

The bag:

This is the fun part! No counting and it’s fast!!! You just single crochet in every stitch! No joining rounds, that will give you a seam! Just crochet in spirals until you are happy with the size and fasten off.

Crochet handbag free tutorial

Handles and lining

I just sew on the handles on the sides – no magic.
The lining:

Turn the bag inside out at put inside the lining. The wrong side of the bag facing the wrong side of the lining.
And then using a running stitches I attached the lining:

Crochet handbag free pattern

And that’s it! Enjoy your new stylish handbag!

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/Love Sara



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