C2C Cocoon Sweater

c2c cocoon sweater

C2C Cocoon Sweater

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Hey guys! Been too long since I posted anything but I just didn’t have anything to post. The reason for this is (besides those darn finals, luckily I’m almost an engineer now!) this sweater took me a bit longer than I usually spend on crochet items. I can normally make a new project in a day or two.

This time I wanted to make a sweater, and no matter how fast a crocheter you are, it takes time. It took me 2 weeks. And that being I’m full-time in school + finals + my part-time job. So all-in-all not that bad.


Well technically, any yarn and hook you want. I would probably not use cotton for this, but otherwise choose whatever yarn you like.

I used 100 % wool with an yardage of 50 g = approx 100 meters.
And a size 4 mm hook

First I bought 400 g. That didn’t last long. So I bought 300 more. And so nearly enough! A had to buy 100 g more! (I seriously hate running out of yarn)

So all-in-all 800 g of yarn. This makes the sweater quite heavy and cosy. I love it!

I used this great yarn – mostly because there’s almost never any knots and it’s “superwash”:

King Cole Merino Blend Yarn


The beauty in the C2C – you just keep going until it fits! When you think it fits around you, you start increasing.

I haven’t made a C2C tutorial (yet) – but if you google “C2C crochet tutorial” there are hundreds of great tutorials! And it is a VERY easy pattern – absolute beginners can do it too!

My sweater fits about a medium/large. Maybe even XL if you want a tight fit.

c2c cocoon sweater

I know it looks a bit crooked – but that’s just because I didn’t tug in it when I lay it on the floor.

Making the square into a sweater

The finished square

c2c cocoon sweater

When you are finished with the square you can block it if you want. I didn’t but it’s entirely up to you.

Fold the square on the middle an sew along both sides (I only marked one size with blue, but obviously you have to sew in both).
Leave a hole for your arms

c2c cocoon sweater

And that’s it! Now you just open up the sweater and put it on!

c2c cocoon sweater

Hope you like it!

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/Love Sara

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